5 Career Benefits of Continuing Professional Development

5 Career Benefits of Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development is a key factor when a company is looking at candidates for promotion or to fill a vacancy.

CPD shows a level of competency in that individual because they are keeping up to date with best practices and learning new ways of doing things in the sector or business. When candidates have an organised and formal continuing professional development catalogue, it shows many things to a panel.


1. This person is self-motivated. They have the drive to expand their knowledge and abilities through engaging in courses and activities on their own time and merit. Knowing that a staff member will engage in a training course that the company is paying for ensures a return on that investment. An employee that actively pursues continuing professional development on their own time will engage in company training because they have proved their commitment to CPD.


 2. This person is committed to self-improvement. Because they are formally engaging in developing their skills, knowledge, and abilities. When an employee is committed to self-improvement, they are more open to learning and bringing a company forward.


3. This person is interested in the profession. A candidate that shows an active interest in a profession is more likely to be engaged as an employee and to strive for improvements and remain in this profession. This gives the green light for further investment in training and developing this staff member for mutual benefits.

4. This person can add value and confidence to my Company. Staff that actively engage in continuing professional development bring knowledge, skills and abilities. This in turn leads to business confidence from your customers, through the excellence professional development brings. 


5. This person can be developed further. One common problem in businesses can be talent management and creating an exit strategy for CEO’s and business owners. Having an employee that actively engages in CPD demonstrates the viability of molding that employee into a position of responsibility. This can lead to being ear marked for upper management positions and possibly even to facilitate a business owner exit strategy in years to come.


So, to summarise, engaging in even a small amount of continuing professional development, within or external to your existing profession, can lead to bigger and better things in the future because of a natural desire to improve.

We view professional training and development as the strategy to work towards your professional goals. With that in mind, we at CMD Group have a wide selection of online courses and professional programmes through our CMD Management Academy to facilitate your progression towards Leadership and Management goals.

Using this self contained and online method of CPD, you can manage your learning to fit in with your schedule and attain formal certification along with expanding your knowledge and skills.

For example you can start with getting a formal certificate in Interpersonal Communication Skills  or go further with a CMD Management Academy Certificate in Team Leading

Regardless of what course you take, you are attaining skills in a formal and proven manner, to expand your continuing professional development profile and competencies on your CV. 

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