Challenging Times for Business Leadership

Challenging Times for Business Leadership

Business Leaders have been challenged in the year 2020 for a long time.  For each and every one of us this year has brought changes that has made a fundamental difference to the way we live our lives.  We all have had to adapt to new ways of working as the pandemic gripped the whole world and shut down workplaces.  Many of us have lost our jobs either on a short-term basis or indeed in some cases permanently.  Covid-19 has a caused a major shift for the business leaders in the corporate world. Challenging conditions in the global economy has forced business leaders to adapt to new ways of working.  Over the past few months there has been a major move to working from home and by all accounts this is a trend that may well continue long after Covid-19.

 As we leave 2020 behind, we now realise that business leaders will require a different skillset if they are to be successful going forward.  We need leaders to be prepared for any eventuality as we can be sure there will be more uncertainties over the next few years.   

We believe that now more than ever business leaders need to develop their “Soft Skills”.  These interpersonal skills include the ability to understand emotional intelligence and empathy.  It is important that leaders develop a culture where there is trust and understanding between teams. Other important skills include the ability to empower and motivate, relationship building, communication skills and people management skill.  The CMD Management Academy suite of leadership programmes are ideal for business leaders and manager development, and in particular, CMD Management Academy Certificate in Business Leadership programme. This programme is ideally suited to upskilling existing business leaders and to give them a renewed confidence in their own ability to manage in uncertain times. 

Over the past few months, the attention has been on the remote workers and often the business leaders get forgotten about in all of this.  We must remember they too are working in difficult and challenging times and the need for them to have the opportunity to upskill has never been more needed.

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