Remote Working & Time Management

Remote Working & Time Management

During the Covid19 Pandemic more and more people are working remotely. The initial stages of this in 2020 brought many positives and a novelty to some. It was great to no longer need to waste time commuting to and from the office, no longer circling around looking for a car parking space, and it really did not matter anymore if the rain was coming down in torrents. Now, the morning commute was a relaxed meander to the kitchen.

Laya Healthcare carried out a recent survey among Irish employees and HR leaders, the first of its kind in Ireland to include both employers and over 1000 employees across all industries and sectors. The results show that things have changed a little as we progress in to 2021.

Below is an excerpt taken from an RTE article based on the Laya Healthcare survey specifically around working longer hours when working remotely.

“96% of employers told us they are in favour of the right to disconnect, but 57% of employees say they feel under pressure to work and stay connected outside their usual work hours.

Bearing in mind the EU Working Time Directive and the Irish Government’s plans for a code of practice on the right to disconnect, it is vital to rectify this. Talk to your employer, address your concerns and also look at your own time management and see what areas are infringing on others.”

When working remotely, it can be difficult to mange your time and create a structure which was easily maintained within the office environment, where you arrived and subsequently left at cut off time. Now, there may be the tendency while working at the kitchen table or in the spare bedroom to work on for another hour or even to go back and check emails after dinner. People are finding it more difficult to switch off thinking about work in the “off” hours because work has infiltrated the home environment – physically and mentally.

Time management skills allow us to create better structure and facilitates a more efficient workday. Good time management is essential to individuals and Organisations to ensure effective results in times as uncertain as this. Through our Time Management Foundations short course, you will learn the necessary approach and skills to help you work more efficiently, thus allowing for that valuable disconnect for “off” hours. You will also receive a certification of completion for your CPD portfolio, which is always a positive. Engaging in formal continuing professional development demonstrates self-motivation, a desire to improve and to become more efficient and effective as a member of any team.


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