Middle Management

Middle Management is the level between First and Senior Management, and is the vital link between the micro and macro elements of a business. Middle Management has the knowledge and skills to be able to facilitate change management in areas such as Operations, Quality, Administration and Communication. 

CMD Management Academy online courses are designed for individuals new to middle management or already in the role and facing some challenges, managing a team or individual, or team leaders/supervisors seeking to take a step into middle management. Immediate access, downloadable resources with formal certification.


With CMD Management Academy Middle Management Certificate courses, you will explore fundamental management theories and models, and improve your practical management skills

  • Gain a range of key management skills
  • Put new skills into practice in your own role
  • Build your leadership capabilities
  • Motivate and engage teams, manage relationships confidently
  • Develop your leadership skills 
  • Increase your Professional abilities and profile
  • CMD Management Academy Certificate
  • Fits in with your schedule

How Will I Be Supported To Learn?

  • CMD Management Academy online Certificate courses are self-study courses 
  • All courses are delivered via the online learning platform Litmos 
  • All our CMD Management Academy Certificate course materials are available online and can be accessed 24/7
  • Downloadable resources, materials and tools 

Course Assessment

  • Online Quizzes
  • No examinations

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