How does Online Learning work with CMD Management Academy?

Select your course and add to cart. Register as a Learner and complete payment. You will be emailed with a link to your chosen course.
There will be a link in the email for you to click. When you do, you will be directed to our learner site. There you will create a password for yourself, and you will have your own learner profile.

What will I have access to?

In this learner profile you will have access to your chosen course(s)/programme(s).
You will also have access to all the resources and additional refences related to that course(s).

How will I know where I am in my course?

Your dashboard within your learner profile will show you how many courses you have, how many you have completed and how many you have yet to start.
Your learner dashboard will also show you what element of a course you have completed and what is left to complete.

Will I always have access to the course content?

You will have full access 24/7 to your course for the timeframe specified in the course overview.
For example, a course for 30 days will only allow 30 days access from date of purchase

How will I know when access is going to finish?

Your Learner dashboard will show you when a course is due to expire
You will also receive email notice at least 7 days prior to expiration of access

How will I know what is the right course for me?

If you would like to develop your career and are not sure which course suits you best, please contact us through : info@cmdmanagementacademy.com so that we can help you decide depending on your goals

How are the courses assessed?

All courses, except for ILM Programmes have assessments and pass requirements within the online course. You will be guided through the quizzes to pass and move on to the next module until completion.
ILM programmes differ in that you must complete written assessments which are emailed to your tutor.

Can I take more than one course at a time?

Yes, you can undertake as many courses as you wish at one time.

What is a Modular course in ILM?

ILM programmes are very flexible. You choose your ILM Level and the relevant certification. When you complete this purchase, you will receive an email link to our learner site. This will give you access to the module “Introduction Course”.
As there will be a choice of courses to make up your ILM programme, you will be given access to your chosen courses following discussions with your assigned tutor.
Therefore, at purchase, you receive access to a module of the programme, and the other modules are assigned to you post discussions and when course choices have been made.

What support will I receive for my ILM Programme?

Once you purchase an ILM Programme with CMD Management Academy you will be in contact with your assigned tutor. You will have full support throughout the programme and will consult with your tutor in relation to courses and assessments.

What if I do not know which ILM Programme is best for me?

If you cannot decide which ILM Programme is for you, please contact us: info@cmdmanagementacademy.com to discuss which programme suits your career goals.

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